2022 Apple Music Replay

Nostalgia is not about Apple. Corporations from Cupertino are accustomed to ruthlessly getting rid of those technologies that they consider unpromising. That is why Touch ID has disappeared from the new Apple smartphones, the USB-A connector from computers, and the new MacBooks have lost the glowing apple on the lid. But if the question is not about technical progress, but only touches on spiritual fibers, the company does not see anything wrong with it.

The Apple Music Replay feature shows the user all the songs and all the music that he listened to during the outgoing year. Sptsok is updated constantly. But the annual total becomes available only on the eve of the New Year in the month of December.

Thus, Apple Music users will be able to see the playlist of songs they listened to throughout the year in December 2022. This feature will automatically appear on the home page of every user of this mega-popular music streaming service.

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Spotify has had this feature before. It’s called Spotify Wrapped and its goal is to sum up the year by giving users an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir music preferences and allowing them to re-enjoy the tracks they’ve been listening to for a year, but only for a limited time. Replay works in a slightly different way. It will not only allow you to access it all year round, but will also be updated automatically, taking into account changes in the tastes of the listener.

Now the playlist, which is formed on the basis of previous listening, is called Replay 22. However, in January of next year, you will see that its name will change to Replay 23. Initially, it will be empty, but as you use Apple Music and listen to new compositions, the service will remember them and, after analyzing them, will form for you a selection of your favorite tracks every week, allowing you to actually monitor your musical taste in real time.

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