5 Best Spotify Tips and Tricks

From playlist pros to new music streaming users, they all agree that finding the best way to listen to music is not always a straightforward process.

Amongst the many available music streaming services, Spotify is one of the leading options. Since it was first launched in 2008 as a multi-platform streaming service, it has offered music lovers an avenue to stream the latest music from various devices. With such a wide range of music to listen to, it often gets confusing for Spotify uses looking for their next playlist.

If you find it hard to navigate the Spotify platform, here are tips and tricks you can use to enhance your experience on the streaming service.

Recover your deleted playlists

Sometimes you delete a playlist and later realize you still have not gotten the most of it. It is possible to restore a deleted playlist on Spotify from the recovery playlist menu. Please note that you can only use this feature from the web version and not the application.

To do so:

  • Go to the Spotify web
  • Log in to your account and go to the recovery playlist from the sidebar menu on the left
  • Click on the playlist you want to restore and hit the restore button to complete the process

Once this process is done, you will find the playlist on your app on any device.

Use the smart search feature

Most Spotify users still use the long method to search for music using the artist name, song, or album title. A smart Spotify tip is using the smart search feature for easy finding of any song or album. For instance, you can search for songs that were released at a given period by typing the year in the search box. It is also possible to use filters such as labels and genre for a more specific search.

Use the keyboard shortcuts for Spotify

This is one of the handiest Spotify tips. It is possible to navigate and control your Spotify app completely using keyboard shortcuts. On the web platform, you can find the complete list of keyboard shortcuts for any function on the platform.

There are shortcuts for the most obvious actions like playing the next track and advanced ones for logging out of Spotify or turning on the shuffle mode.

Create a secret playlist

When you first set up a Spotify account, your activity becomes public, making it possible for others to see what you are listening to at any time. It is possible to hide your playlists from the public by creating a private session on your account. It will hide your playlist for six-hour at a time. It is also possible to create a secret playlist.

To create a secret playlist, you only need to go to the make secret menu and choose to make your playlists secret. It is also possible to turn any of your playlists to private under the privacy settings.  

Access Spotify from anywhere in the world

If you live in a country that is blocked from accessing prettify or some music on the platform due to copyright issues, the easier way to access the platform is by downloading a VPN. Once you download a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you can pick a country from the list and start streaming music on Spotify regardless of your location.

With these tips, you can change how you stream music for the better.