8 Useful Features Of The Spotify App That Many People Don't Know About

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world today. In recent years, it has expanded to many countries, and today music on this service can be listened to in almost 200 countries around the world. And the music library of the service contains over 70 million tracks. This application is famous for constant database updates, as well as an accurate algorithm and a selection of musical compositions.

8 Useful Features Of The Spotify

The ability to use the hidden features of Spotify is just what users need to take their music listening experience to the next level. They will be able to quickly find new music to their taste, organize their music library, use it with friends and much more.

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To do this, you just need to listen to your favorite music, while the list of songs is formed in the section «Personal selections» or «Recommendations». Listeners highlight 11 of the most useful features of the Spotify app.

1. Spotify has a sleep timer that allows you to listen to music while you relax and turn off the service on time at the scheduled time.

2. Musical recommendations, on the basis of which the system automatically creates an endless playlist, in which the user will find those songs that suit his taste based on previously listened to songs.

3. Fast creation of playlist. Playlists can be compiled by hand, but who has time? Lazify is used to create quick playlists. Just drag and drop a song, album, or artist into Lazify and the app will create a playlist by itself based on the associated songs. We can even choose how big it is – from 10 songs to 8 hours of music.

4. Display on the screen of the text of the song you are listening to. The text can be read on the screen of the gadget in the user’s native language. The service provides translation into all major languages ​​of the world.

5. Ability to drag and drop a song directly into your email and send it the same way. If the user wants to share songs with a friend, then he can drag them directly into the body of the letter. This is not only convenient, but also aesthetically pleasing, because the links sent in this way consist of artist names and song titles.

6. Save your music with just a click of your mouse. Songs and albums can now be saved with one click using the Save button shown in the image. This puts the selected items on the Your Music tab, where they are sorted by artist, entire album, and individual song.

7. User will be able to check the order in which songs are played in the Play Queue tab on the left pane of the Spotify home screen. It seems obvious, but this feature is rather hidden among others. There is also a history of songs already played.

8. Private mode can be enabled permanently. When a user clicks on their first and last name in the upper right corner of the home screen, they will be able to temporarily enable a private session, which will remain active until Spotify is disabled. However, if he’s shy about his musical taste and doesn’t want to make it public, he can turn on private mode forever.

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