How to import Google Music to CSV?

With MusConv you can easily import Google Music to CSV!

How to import Google Music to CSV

Transfer between Google Music and CSV was never so easy! Try it out!


4 easy steps:


1.   Select source as Google Music service

migrate Google Music to CSV


2.   Select destination as CSV

transfer Google Music to CSV


3.   Select playlist you want to transfer


4.   Take a coffee and wait till we move songs for you ;)

Google Music to CSV

So how to export Google Music to CSV in 2018?

  It is expected that Google is going to release a music streaming service merging both YouTube and Google Play Music in March. As previous teardowns have already unveiled the hints, it was a matter of time since they reveal another hint. This time it was an icon of YouTube Music 2.19. In the last September, the mainstream app YouTube did reveal a new subscription package called YouTube Plus. Later, the name was transformed into YouTube Music and it is still existing in the version of 2.19. Yet, we have discovered a new logo for a new YouTube Premiere. Here, in addition to this particular matter of fact, we are going to how you can transport playlist from Google Music to CSV file.

What is YouTube Premiere?

As a new logo named YouTube Premiere has come into light, there could have been a hatful of new opportunities for both businesses and individuals. Let us look into it. At present, there is a saying that it could have been a rebranding of YouTube itself. Currently, Google Play Music is supporting location based streaming, subscriptions as well as auto-download. Just imagine what could be of it if it could be merged with YouTube.

Changes in Version 2.19

The newest version comes up with a little bit of tweaks and it is largely related to the download setting. Yet, it could develop the offline download performance significantly. The process of offline downloading is simplified here. Whatever the face is, the key question remains. What is going to come in March? How could the merge be launched? What will be there for the users? How could the businesses be benefitted? There is a whole lot of new aspect of YouTube management and marketing is on the rise.

Transporting Google Music to CSV

As you are now well-aware about the fact that there is going to be a remodeling of YouTube, you might have been thinking about switching towards the Google Play music and YouTube. If you have an existing playlist in Google Music that you want to be converted to CSV files, there is an amazing solution we are going to represent, and it is MusConv. In addition to converting the playlists into an excel sheet, it also is highly capable of transferring playlists and music across a wide range of streaming platform. Whether it is Spotify, Google music or Amazon you are using, right now, the MusConv is the solution you will be looking for.    

import google music to csv

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