How To Download Music from Apple Music?

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So how to Download Music from Apple Music?

If you are an Apple user, then there is a high chance that you are already using Apple Music. But if you are not then all you need to know is that Apple Music is one of the biggest music streaming services that you can find. Apple Music is largely used on Apple devices and that is why its users are very limited. Nevertheless, Apple has made sure that their music service is ranked among the best.

One question that many people ask as far as streaming services are concerned is “What if I want to listen offline?” Well, this is an issue that Apple Music addresses in beautiful fashion. Downloading songs and music to your device through Apple Music is pretty simple and below you will find some simple steps to accomplish this task.

How to Add a Song to Your Local Library?

If you wish to download music from Apple Music then you will first need to make sure that you must have an Apple Music subscription and have iCloud Music Library enabled. After this then you will need to launch the Music app from the home screen of your phone. Go to your desired song or album that you want to download. Next click on the “More” icon located to the right of the music. Click on the option “Make Available Offline”.

How to View the Songs?

After successfully downloading your music from Apple Music you will certainly want to listen to it at some point. If you want to view your songs that you have downloaded, the first thing that you will have to do is launch the Music app. Next tap on the “My Music” tab and select the “view type dropdown” or “Albums” tab in the middle of the screen. Locate the “Show Music Available Offline” and switch it on. After all these steps you can listen to your songs offline.

Removing Songs

To remove songs, first, make sure that the “Show Music Available Offline” is enabled and change the “view type dropdown menu” to whatever it is that you want to delete.


Downloading music from Apple Music is very simple. Just by following these few steps you can easily download your desired songs to your local device. In this way, you will have the liberty to listen to your songs even when you are offline. Learn more at MusConv.

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