How to import Spotify playlist to Google Music?

With MusConv you can easily import Spotify playlist to Google Music

 There might have been a lot of occasions when you think of downloading music during playing in the Google Play Music. However, you may not know properly how you can accomplish that. In addition to that, it is also possible that you do not know exactly which button have to be used for saving music automatically in the Google music. This much anticipated feature cannot easily be found in the Spotify, Pandora or Amazon. This particular feature is hidden in the Google Music and you will be able to use it while using the playlist. The three dot menu will let you do that. In addition to automatic saving of music in the Google Music, we will also know how you can import Spotify playlist to Google Music.

spotify playlist to google music

So how to import Spotify playlist to Google Music 2018?

Just after showing the procedure, you will understand that how easy this procedure is. You would definitely ask yourself why you didn’t find it out by yourself. The process is very simple and it could have been performed by clicking the three-dot corner of your screen. Just after clicking the three-dot button, you need to open up the setting menu. After that, tap the “cache music while streaming”. It is that much simple. After performing this simple task, the played songs will automatically be downloaded in the computer and be available for offline listening.

Migration from Spotify to Google Music was never so easy before

If you do not need to download music while listening, just turn off this feature. However, we are recommending you to use this particular feature as it will enable you listen to the songs offline. You may want listen to any particular song, but it can happen that your mobile data is already spent. What would you do then? At that particular time, this great feature will be of great use, should you turn it on.

Let us look how you can import Spotify playlist to Google Music. The process is not easy at all unless you know the proper way. However, here we are, to help finding out the proper ways of importing Spotify Playlist to Google Music. It is important to use a third party tool and MusConv can be that software for you to transfer playlist from Spotify from Google Music. All you need to do is to log in to your account after clicking the source menu from MusConv. Then, you need to select the destination and choose transfer. Then, you are ready for the migration of your playlist and it will be completed automatically.        

import Spotify playlist to Google Music

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