How to import Spotify to SoundCloud?

With MusConv you can easily import Spotify to SoundCloud!

How to import Spotify to SoundCloud

Transfer between Spotify and SoundCloud was never so easy! Try it out!


4 easy steps:


1.   Select source as Spotify service



2.   Select destination as SoundCloud



3.   Select playlist you want to transfer


4.   Take a coffee and wait till we move songs for you ;)

Spotify to SoundCloud, the ways to do it?

All of music lovers and users of these amazing platforms always want to make them interact and that we can use both platforms to enjoy our favorite music, so here are some ways to do it.

There are various of internet sites that can allow you to transfer your music and playlists from Spotify to SoundCloud, you can use IFTTT that offers you a lot of options, like transfer playlists, to sync your likes from one to the other, save the tracks you listen to from the one to the playlist on the other, to add your SoundCloud feed to your Spotify playlist, to automatically save public tracks by artist you follow on Soundcloud to your Spotify account etc. All of these solution are available on IFTTT and can be used very easy just one click away, and you can enjoy your music on both sides.

You can also use soundiiz site to convert and transfer your songs and playlists from your Spotify account to your SoundCloud, it is also very simple and this solution offers you to convert all of your favorite songs from one platform to the other.

The best and newest solution is using the MusConv services. MusConv is simple and useful app that allows you to transfer your playlists from one service to the other, in this case from your Spotify account to your SoundCloud,and you can do that very easily. First you go to the MusConv page, than you select your source, in this case you select your Spotify account than you select your favorite playlist that you want to transfer, than you select the destination where your playlist will go, in this case to your SoundCloud, after that you just need to tap on the transfer button and when the process finish your Spotify playlist will be on your SoundCloud. This can also work the other way around, transfer from SoundCloud to Spotify. Using this service you will get best and easiest way to transfer your favorite music from one platform to the other. There are a lot of solutions regarding this topic but only with MusConv you are safe and you will get best results with easy stress free use. So there is a way to listen to your music on both platforms, and with this way you can finally enjoy your playlists on both platforms.

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