How to transfer iTunes to Amazon Music?

With MusConv you can easily transfer iTunes to Amazon Music

Previously, the paid customers of Amazon Music were able to upload their own MP3 songs. They were allowed to upload and listen to up to 2, 50,000 songs. However, recently, Amazon Music discontinued this particular feature, and it does mean you must have to transfer your own music from Amazon Music to other music services.

So how to transfer iTunes to Amazon Music in 2019?

However, for transporting your personally uploaded MP3 songs, you may require help from any third party software and in that case MusConv can help you. It has been designed in such manner that you can effortlessly transfer your music from one music service to another. However, if you want to transfer from iTunes to Amazon Music, it is also possible. Overall, while using this MusConv tool, you are capable of transferring music across various platforms including Google Play music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music etc. Let us get back to the main event.

Migration from iTunes to Amazon Music was never so easy before

The service of uploading personal MP3 collection in Amazon Music will shut down in January, 2019 and that is why it is the right time for you to act. If you act slowly, you may have lost several moments of magic. However, as there are plenty of times available before passing the deadline, you shall be able to transfer your personally uploaded MP3s safely. If you are a free user, the Amazon music will allow you to upload up to 250 songs. In case if you are a paid user, the scene will be a lot different. You will then be able to upload up to 2, 50,000 songs. However, it will certainly cost you, and it will come up at $24.99. Free users have not been able to upload new songs since December 18, 2017. Fortunately for the paid customers, the deadline is relaxed a bit and they will be able to continue uploading until their subscriptions expire.

It is also very important to renew the subscriptions on time. If you forget to renew the subscriptions in time, the paid subscriptions cannot be enabled. The rest of the library will be removed and that it why, it is a matter of real urgency that you transfer your personal MP3s from Amazon music. You can perform the transferring easily by using MusConv. However, if you want your music and playlist to be transferred from iTunes to Amazon Music, MusConv is also highly capable of handling that task for you. Now, you may continue using Amazon Music. Unfortunately, you will miss the MP3s you have uploaded previously.       

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