How to import YouTube to Apple Music?

With MusConv you can easily import YouTube to Apple Music!

How to import YouTube to Apple Music

Transfer between YouTube and Apple Music was never so easy! Try it out!


4 easy steps:


1.   Select source as YouTube service



2.   Select destination as Apple Music

Apple Music


3.   Select playlist you want to transfer


4.   Take a coffee and wait till we move songs for you ;)

import YouTube to Apple Music

Apple Could Shut Down the iTunes Music Download in Near Future

According to our analysts, we have been reported that the Apple could be shutting down the iTunes music download. However, this particular venture has to come as Apple devices are more or less worthless without a net connectivity, whether it is mobile data or Wi-Fi. In addition to this particular news, we are going to discuss how to convert playlist from YouTube to Apple Music.

Current business standing of Apple

According to the recent market trends, Apple is holding the position of second largest music streaming provider. It has around 38 million paid subscribers around the world. In terms of territorial control, it is currently in tough fight against Spotify. Unfortunately for the Apple Music fans, Apple is getting a heavy beating in Europe and Australia. Furthermore, there is a case filed against Apple about its 300 million Euro purchase of Shazam. According to the rules of EU, a merge or business acquisition could not outrun the national policy of investment of any country. Sadly, the 300 million euro merging breaks this national policy of several European Union countries. In this regard, there is a case files against this music streaming giant. However, one of the legal policy makers of this debating merging or acquisition was Perch, the financial advisor of Shazam. Without being unable to perform the merging successfully, Perch was sacked eventually after the merging, however, he has recently managed a new job in Sound Cloud. Most probably, Sound Cloud is going to pay a heavy penalty in recent future, as Perch is there!

Apple shutting down the iTunes Music download

There was a speculation in the air that the Apple Music could have shut down the iTunes Music download. Most probably, it is turning out to be true in near future. According to our inside source, Apple is targeting May to shut down their iTunes Music download. However, the Apple CEO has made his press release in a different tone. To neutralize the fan's reactions, he neither told anything in favor this particular matter of fact, not mentioned any fact that may aggravate this issue.

Converting playlist from YouTube to Apple Music

To convert your playlist from YouTube to Apple Music, all you need to do is to utilize a classy and effective third party music transferring tool like MusConv. MusConv acts very fast, and it is completely flawless in terms of migrating music and playlists across a wide variety of music streaming horizons.

More info about YouTube on wikipedia.

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