How to import YouTube to iTunes?

With MusConv you can easily import YouTube to iTunes!

How to import YouTube to iTunes

Transfer between YouTube and iTunes was never so easy! Try it out!


4 easy steps:


1.   Select source as YouTube service



2.   Select destination as iTunes



3.   Select playlist you want to transfer


4.   Take a coffee and wait till we move songs for you ;)

import YouTube to iTunes

Migrating music from YouTube to iTunes

Over the past couple of years, people have been searching for means to manage their playlist(s) effectively and efficiently on one platform. But there are so many musical media platforms out there that one can’t just do it within minutes. Though this was the past, in the present we can. How? Introducing MusConv’s desktop app that enables you to manage and synchronize your music across platforms without having to face any issues.

How to transfer your music from YouTube to iTunes?

Now let us get down to business and see how we can import any music album(s) or playlist(s) from YouTube to iTunes. First and foremost DOWNLOAD our app by going to our landing page and clicking on the button that says download. Your download would begin and it involves a wizard that would guide you through out the installation.

Once your installation is complete you will then be able to access the application. Since we are about to import music from YouTube to iTunes, we would perform the following steps to get the job done.

  • Login to your YouTube and iTunes account with the correct credentials.
  • After logging in, you may go back to your YouTube section where the playlist(s) will have automatically been loaded.
  • Select the music playlist(s) which you wish to move to your iTunes account.
  • Once selected, you ought to click on the transfer button on the bottom right of the concerned row.
  • Choose the destination platform which in this case is iTunes and click normal transfer.
  • The transfer would begin immediately and the moment it reaches 100%, then congratulations! As you have successfully imported your music from YouTube to iTunes.

MusConv provides ease to its users, which is why you can update and maintain your music playlists across different platforms without hassle. You may even download your favorite playlists in a CSV file format. Also if you wish to upload music, you may do that as well by simply uploading the respective CSV file. Now you know how you can import your music from YouTube to iTunes. All it takes is selection of source, music and destination; and a little transfer button to wrap things up. If you would like to know more about CSV export click here. And if you are looking for more information on YouTube to iTunes click on the Wikipedia link here.

As Kahlil Gibran says, “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

So keep your love of music alive with MusConv!



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