A new PENTAGON clip has been released

A new song called «DO or NOT» became popular in a matter of days. She became the title single in PENTAGON’s new album, titled «LOVE or TAKE».

The video clip with the title single was released on March 15. So far, it is only gaining popularity. In total, the new album of the group includes seven different singles, including one solo composition performed by the lead singer of the group Hui. The lead singer of the group managed to record a solo single before he was drafted into the army, and this happened at the end of February.

Cube Entertainment announced intriguing images for the band’s future album. PENTAGON participants are represented in bright and colorful clothes. In some images, they were presented as characters in popular comics.

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The new album was the first studio album since the release of the band’s tenth mini-album. It should be said that the group sometimes has a difficult time, since periodically its members leave for the army to undergo compulsory military service in South Korea.

PENTAGON was created by Cube Entertainment back in 2016. Initially, it consisted of 10 participants, but periodically they changed, since some left the group due to military service. The group also has one Chinese citizen and one Japanese citizen. Therefore, she can safely be called multinational.

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