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Ableton For iOS

Ableton, which makes the popular Ableton Live DAW, which boasts the largest market share in the United States of America, has an Ableton Note app that can be used as an iOS app.

It’s not a fully portable DAW, but it’s a great tool for capturing musical ideas on the go. Note is a note-taking app designed to quickly and easily compose music wherever you are. Ideas written in Ableton Note work seamlessly with Ableton Live.

Ableton Note is very different from Live in terms of design and functionality, but the internal system is based on the same devices and sounds that DAW users are used to. The big advantage of using Note is that you can export your musical ideas on the go to your DAW as a Live project and display them as freely editable MIDI data in your DAW.

The Note workflow is based on the Live session view. Each track in Ableton Note can be thought of as an instrumental part, and each “clip” is a sequence or short arrangement using that part. This is a block-type workflow similar to Ableton Live and FL Studio, where tracks are created by creating and arranging different clips.

The Note comes preloaded with 261 synth presets, 56 drum kits, melodic samples and more, so even beginners can create tracks with ease. Everything in your application can be easily exported as part of Ableton Live. Since there is a function that can record the microphone of a smartphone, it is also possible to take simple samples.

You cannot record audio directly to a clip, but you can sample it into any pad slot in your drum kit or sampler.

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In addition, you can import samples from other devices. Mac users can send sounds using Airdrop, but Windows must manually transfer them to the device’s file folder.

In addition to sampling, it has all the important editing tools such as quantize, shift and transpose. There are also two effect slots, each of which can be set to “automation” mode.

Again, the best part about the Note as a notepad is the ability to bring ideas created in the app into your DAW for more advanced editing. Note projects can be exported and opened in Ableton Live version 11.2 or higher.

All essential workflows, tools, and effects are included, giving you everything you need to record songs, create hands-on actions with a controller, play music created in the app, and more. As the name suggests, it is easy to use even on stage, such as during live performances.

Instead of using Ableton Note as a DAW, the best way to use it is to jot down simple ideas you come up with in Note on the go, run them in Ableton Live when you get home, and refine them.

So, you are dealing with one of the most effective tools for composing music. This idea is especially attractive for those who are just taking their first steps in building a musical career.

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