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AC/DC leader denies that Bon Scott was involved in writing «Back In Black»

In a recent interview, AC/DC leader Angus Young denied long-standing rumors that Bon Scott, who left our world, took an active part in creating some songs for the group’s megapopular album «Back In Black». The refutation was a forced step, since the musical world believed that the role of Bon Scott in creating one of the most popular aliuoms in the history of rock music is undeservedly silenced.

The AC/DC album Back In Black took first place in Britain and was sold in America for a long time. Sales exceeded the number of more than 20 million copies. The album, whose appeal was so high that, despite the lack of hits, it was on the way to becoming one of the best-selling in all time and in the history of the world music industry. Despite everything, AC/DC not only survived the «hole under the waterline», which was the death of the first vocalist of the group Bon Scott, but were able to again come to prosperity. As Angus Young said, the popularity of the Back In Black album surpassed their wildest dreams.

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If the album Back In Black were a banal story about a popular rock band that made the biggest album in rock music history, just a few months after the death of  frontman, then not continuing this story would be about one of the missed opportunities.

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