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Action Bronson decided to radically fight overweight

Ariane Asllani, better known under the pseudonym Action Bronson, announced the release of his book, which will be called «F * ck It, I’ll Start Tomorrow». This intriguing name largely reflects the emotional state of a famous performer who for a long time cannot overcome the problem of excess weight.

The rapper and chef Action Bronson decided to write this book in order to help mint people who, like him, are overweight, cope with this problem. In it, he shares his own experience «fighting overweight, food addiction and searching for a way of self-acceptance».

Bronson claims to have written the book for two years, while he hated every minute of this time. He had, in fact, to describe his own difficult steps. But the book nevertheless became the catalyst that helped the performer correct the harm to health that he had done for many years.

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«Creating this book, I had no good intentions, but somehow it became a lighthouse of hope unintentionally», says its author.

The title of the book is largely due to the fact that Action Bronson considers procrastination (the constant postponement of important actions for the future) one of the main enemies of any person who decided to fight excess weight. He claims that it is necessary to start today, at this moment, and not tomorrow.

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