Adam Levin sings the daughters of songs of the 2000s

The musician is sad that pop rock zero is no longer popular. In a new interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levin admitted that he was nostalgic for pop rock, which was popular in zero. Now the musician, along with his wife Beati Prinslu, is raising two daughters – 4-year-old Dusty Rose and 3-year-old Gio – and instilling in the kids a love of old pop rock.

Adam Levin

«It is very interesting now to listen to these songs and review the clips. I played the eldest daughter many songs by Avril Lavigne and staged her songs. Remember «I’m With You?» It punches to tears. We no longer remember what it sounded like when we used to take it for granted. We grew up on this, it was constantly spinning on the radio. But, it turns out, there are many great songs of that time that I just did not understand before», Adam shared.

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«I’m With You» is a song by Avril Lavigne from her debut album «Let Go», which was released in June 2002. Then Maroon 5 released the first album «Songs About Jane» with the hit «This Love».

In an interview, Adam noted with sadness that now such groups have left the mainstream. «At the time when the debut album «Maroon 5»was released, there were many other good groups. Now it feels like they’re gone. And it’s very sad. Now there are almost no such groups, it seems that they are dying out», said Levin.

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