Adam Levine Expects Third Child In 2023

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo became happy parents for the third time. The couple have a rocky relationship as Adam was recently accused of adultery.

The year 2012 opened many doors for Levin, it was during this period that he decided to start his own label, 222 Records. In May, he meets top model Behati Prinsloo. They got married on July 19, 2014 in Mexico.

Inspired by singles such as “This love” and “She Will Be Loved”, Maroon 5’s debut album, released in 2002, was a huge success – the opus even went platinum – and put Adam Levine and his band at the top.

After a musical hiatus, Adam Levine returned in January 2021 with the song “Lifestyle”. This is a duet with no less famous performer Jason Derulo, producer of Rice N Peas. In this title with a poppy and catchy tune, Adam Levine and his buddy wonder if their girlfriends would love them if they could no longer offer them a luxurious life.

Maroon 5 loves tattoos of all kinds. No part of his body escapes this. Proof that he just took the plunge by getting his face tattooed. It’s no secret that Adam Levine is a big fan of tattoos. For years, the leader of Maroon 5 has been collecting them and not a single part of his body has been spared.

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Recently, the artist got tattoos on both legs entirely. A job that requires long hours of patience and sometimes pain. This time, Adam Levine is dealing with another part of his anatomy: his face. Taking to Instagram, Adam Levine revealed a new tattoo on his fingers that forms the words “True Love.”

Possessing a high and inimitable voice that can be considered unique, the singer is considered one of the best male vocalists of his time. Thanks to Songs of Jane, the band received two Grammy awards and went on tour. Building on the success of their first album, Adam Levine and his band released their second opus in 2007 titled It’s Not Coming Soon. The album, inspired by the single “Makes Me Wonder”, sold in large numbers and, like the first album, reached number one on the major charts in many countries.

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