Additional Features Of Spotify And Tidal

Spotify and Tidal have been known for years for offering personalized playlists of favorite songs to their users. Moreover, manufacturers take care of expanding the musical horizons of their customers by creating special collections of creativity that, according to the algorithm, may be interesting.

Users of both services can also share playlists that they have created themselves, and best of all, at the end of the year (on Spotify), a list of the most streamed songs for 365 days and a list of the artist’s most devoted fans. available (it depends, among other things, on the number of songs listened to).

A notable feature is Tidal X, which gives fans preview access to select songs and the chance to watch live concerts of their favorite artists.

The mobile apps available on the Spotify and Tidal platforms work very similarly. They are distinguished by an attractive design, ease of use, and most importantly – transparency and transparency. The differences between them are in minor technical points.

On the Spotify and Tidal mobile app, you can download songs at home via Wi-Fi, and then use them while traveling without internet access to save data transfer. This option works the same on both platforms. The differences between them are in minor technical points, for example:

• to change the position of a song in a playlist in the Spotify app, edit it and drag the selected song using the slider to the desired position;

• to change the position of a song in a playlist in the Tidal app, hold your finger on a given song and drag it to the desired location (faster option).

There is no single answer to the question: “Which is better – Spotify or Tidal?” . However, before making a final purchase decision, it’s worth clarifying your expectations regarding sound quality (Tidal HiFi is undoubtedly superior to its competitor), as well as your favorite songs, the library of which may differ slightly on both platforms.

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Even though the basic packages of Spotify and Tidal are identical in price, it is also worth remembering the additional Spotify Wrapped feature, which Tidal did not use the likes of, but decided to highlight its platform with the ability to play music videos in HD quality.

Another thing that speaks volumes about Spotify’s superiority has to do with user behavior. According to statistics, most users listen to albums in their entirety, from beginning to end, so when we find a song, Spotify downloads the entire album in advance so that we can easily listen to it. It’s worth noting that – contrary to claims – Spotify doesn’t have all the songs in its inventory, and this is due to copyright. Some bands did not agree to release their albums, only a few songs.

The sound quality is, of course, Tidal’s best, and it’s hard to beat this streaming service. But we should not forget that listening to streaming music in the highest quality without loss will require high-end and expensive playback equipment, which not every music lover can afford.

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