Alexa Music overview

Amazon created Alexa, they named it after the library of Alexandria, is a voice control system that you can use to play music using only your voice.

Alexa is voice controlled platform, it work as it let you to control your speaker and other devices using your voice only. Voice control helps you to use your phone without being constantly next to it.

Alexa can give you access to a big number of free streaming services on Amazon devices. The streaming services you get access to are, Amazon Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Prime Music, iHeartRadio, Audible, Spotify and Pandora.

Alexa also can stream music directly. If you want to stream music from Alexa you must link your Alexa device to your Amazon account, and if you do that you will get access to your Amazon Music Library and to every audio available in your library.

If you are an Amazon Prime member that gives Alexa access to stations, over two million songs and to playlists, and all that with no payment necessary. Another good addition to Alexa is that if you are Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber you will have access to millions of songs to listen to.

If you are using Amazon Music on your PC you also can play your music from Google Play and other services by uploading your collection of songs and music to My Music option on Amazon using your computer and you can upload up to 250 songs for free.

After you do that you will be able to play that same music and control playback using your voice command options on your Alexa device.

If you are an Amazon Music listener you can also make your own playlists using voice commands with your Alexa. Here is an example, if you are streaming songs from some application or listening to the radio on your Alexa device you can use Alexa voice commands to add the song that is playing to your playlist or make a new playlist starting with that song.

In this Alexa Music review we will also share that if you enjoy listening to your playlist you can also use MusConv application to transfer your playlists from one service to the other and listen to your favorite playlist using Alexa on every service you use without making a new playlist every time.

With MusConv you can easily migrate from/to Amazon!

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