Alexi Laiho passed away

The cause of death of Alexi Laiho from the rock band Children Of Bodom, experts named only two months later.

The Children of Bodom frontman was only 41 years old at the time of his death. His widow Kimberly Goss, with whom they played together in the Sinergy group, confirmed that the posthumous diagnosis of the forensic examination of the megapopular guitarist sounded like this: «alcohol-induced degeneration of the connective tissue of the liver and pancreas».

At the time of the death of rock guitarist Alexi and Kimberly were still in a legal marriage, despite the difficult relationship caused by Alexi’s addiction to alcohol and related problems. Kimberly frankly admitted that for many years she stubbornly tried to fight this bitter attachment her late husband, but, unfortunately, the result was disappointing.

The widow of the guitarist said that his departure can and should be a lesson and salvation for many alcohol-dependent people. And if the sad example of her late husband can save at least one someone’s life, then this will be a great achievement.

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Laiho was considered one of the most famous rock guitarists. In 2016, it was he who got the palm tree of the championship, when he was recognized as the greatest musician of this genre of all time.

The last Children of Bodom album was released in 2019. After that, the popular rock band stunned fans with the news of dissolution and termination of their musical career.

The last Children of Bodom concert took place in December 2019. Many fans of the group escorted idols, not hiding the tears of bitterness.

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