Alice Cooper doesn't believe rock is dead

Alice Cooper rejected the opinion of Johnny Simmons from KISS that rock had died. He said that rock is right now where it should be.

Cooper, who promotes  new album «Detroit Stories», discussed the status of rock during a recent interview with NME. «The only kind of music, if you think about what appeared and did not go anywhere, was hardrock. Because the music went into punk, she went into disco, she went into hip-hop, she went into grunge. But the only thing left somewhere in the middle was hardrock. The Rolling Stones were still The Rolling Stones Aerosmith were still Aerosmith. Alice Cooper is still Alice Cooper. We survived these things, that’s the only thing that will remain in 30, 40 or more years», Alice said.

Alice Cooper

According to the rock musician, it is rock music that will develop further, and hard rock bands will definitely remain on stage. He advised colleague to do better in tax , because he is a businessman, and from the point of view of his business, the claim that rock is dead is unlawful.

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Alice guarantees that now somewhere in London in the garages some guys teach songs of popular rock bands. This is a bunch of seventeen-year-old guys with guitars and drums who learn to play hardrock. The same thing is happening to the United States. There are all these young groups that want to revive hardrock.

So in a certain sense, rock is exactly where it should be today. Let there are no rock musicians on Grammy Awards, but fate on streets now. It is this attitude that sets the deceptive impression that rock is outlawed.

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