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Alice Cooper refutes Gene Simmons theory from Kiss that rock is dead

Alice Cooper criticized Gene Simmons of Kiss for saying: «Rock is dead». Gene Simmons made a similar statement in 2014, but repeated thoughts in an interview last month.

«Rock is dead. Recent groups haven’t taken the time to do something exciting with glamour and gambling», Gene Simmons told Gulf News. He claims that the montsras of the rock direction have become a thing of the past and have already become history, only older people are listening to them today, and young people are not only passionate about other musical directions, but simply do not understand rock.

Gene Simmons continues: «There are so many types of very popular groups, but this does not mean that they are timeless, cult and legendary artists».

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But Alice Cooper’s point of view is the opposite of what his colleague said, and he tells NME that the next generation of rock stars is ready to achieve excellent results at home. He claims that many 18-year-old guys and younger today study hard rock, playing the guitar and drums. The same in Europe and America. There are young people who want to revive hard rock in general. They like this direction, they respect it, they bow to it, remembering that their fathers bowed to rock.

Alice Cooper noted the durability and not declining popularity of all areas of the rock genre, saying that it will exist for the next 30-40 years.

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