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Alice Cooper spoke about who calls him another name

Not all numerous fans of rock in general and the work of Alice Cooper in particular know that they call their favorite rock star from KISS not the real name that he received at birth, but a creative pseudonym.

Alice Cooper nee was born on February 4, 1948 in Detroit. His real name is Vincent Damon Fournier. This American rock singer and songwriter was one of the first shock rockers. Subsequently, he was called the king of rock, and innovative activities, he radically expanded the framework of ideas about the stage capabilities of a rock artist. And Alice began as part of a rock band that performed the so-called garage rock, which was popular in the 70s of the last century.

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It is characteristic that the group was called «Alice Cooper», and Vincent Damon Fournier performed solo parts in it. But the group broke up in 1975. It was then that a new stage began in the life of a rock musician, and the name Alice Cooper became his official name.

In an interview with a popular music publication, Cooper said: «The only person who calls me Vince is Keith Richards».

Alice admitted that he had never touched alcohol for 38 years, although before that his passion for alcohol and drugs caused numerous difficulties in his life with separating himself from  stage character. It was not easy to get rid of pernicious addiction, but Alice brilliantly coped with this task, since nature gave him extraordinary will qualities. Today, some friends joke about Cooper, saying that he is the only person in their circle who has been sober for almost forty years.

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