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Amazon music is an excellent online music store and online locker room. A prime member can enjoy unlimited as well as ad-free access to millions of sound track.

This online streaming music service is available for Mac, iPhone, Android, and Windows etc. It comes up with a web player. However, in this particular article, we will be talking about music services like Amazon Music.

The first music service we are talking about is Napster. Napster can be the ultimate digital music service organizing your favorite tracks. It will offer MP3 downloads. In addition, there will be unlimited on-demand streaming. There are millions of songs available in the library of Napster. It is a paid service, but you can be able to run a free trial service.

It has supports for Android, iPhone, Windows phone, and Mac etc. FilesAnywhere is another exciting music service offering free 1GB of file storage online. It has cloud storage solution for backing up files in the internet.

It will allow the users to share their file in the internet. In addition, there will be secure file transfer protocol hosting on your service. Moreover, you will be provided with web folders for organizing your favorite tracks and playlists.

Songpeek is an amazing online music streaming service, which is completely free. It is ad-free as well. There will be time limitation while using this particular music service. It is actually an online music website offering music services to the users.

MusicSense is a decent music-streaming app, which provides better user understanding. It will allow the users to get the best music from various radio stations around the world. In addition, you will be able to skip tracks while using the MusicSense. While using this service, you will be able to skip tracks unlimited times.

Style Jukebox is an excellent cloud player. This cloud player is an easier way for taking your music anywhere. You can listen to music in all of your devices while using the cloud player. In addition, you will be able to listen to music online and offline. It has supports for Android, iPhone, Windows, and iPad.

StreamToME is a great app available currently for Mac, Windows, and iOS. It allows the user to stream music anywhere. In addition, it will allow the users to stream video files too.

StreamToMe is a paid service. However, if you are using more than one services, you will need to transfer files as well as playlists from one service to another. Musconv can help you to accomplish the task. 

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