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In the harmonious world of premium music subscriptions, Amazon Music occupies an important place, offering users a vast library and many practical features. However, as with any tune, there may come a time when you decide to add a note of relaxation to your subscription. So, how do you bow out elegantly from an Amazon Music symphony? Read on for a simple guide.

The first step

To cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, the first step is to go to your Amazon Music settings. It’s a behind-the-scenes pass to your music journey, where you can customize your subscription settings knobs with ease.

If you accidentally signed up for the Amazon Music Unlimited brigade through iTunes, go to Apple’s website. There, you canchange your paid subscription in a few clicks, saying goodbye to the music capabilities of the popular music streaming service.

Now, for those who joined Amazon Music Unlimited through a third party such as Apple, Google, or a mobile service provider, the algorithm may change slightly. A polite call or message to a third party is your key to gracefully exiting a music subscription. Check out their refund policy for unfinished premium subscriptions. As a rule, the possibility of early termination of the paid subscription period is provided for in each contract.

But, if you’ve chosen the direct route through Amazon, the cancellation technology is simple:

  1. Go to your Amazon Music settings.
  2. Go to Amazon Music Unlimited, the epicenter of your subscription.
  3. Look for the “Cancel” option in your subscription renewal details.
  4. Confirm the cancellation. That’s it, your relationship with Amazon Music Unlimited is over.
  5. A quick reminder: you can still rock to Amazon Music Unlimited tunes until the end date. After this date, all the tracks added to the library will elegantly turn grayed out and the playback options will be smoothly removed.

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Let’s summarize

  1. Straight from Amazon: Go to your Amazon Music settings, find the Amazon Music Unlimited section, and select “Cancel” in your subscription renewal details.
  2. Via iTunes: Visit Apple’s website and follow their nifty steps to complete your subscription dance.
  3. Through a third party: Contact Apple, Google, or your mobile operator to say goodbye to you while respecting their refund policy.
  4. After Cancellation: Continue to enjoy the musical serenade until the end date, after which the gracefully greyed out tracks will signify the end of your subscription dance.

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