Amazon Music Can’t Add Song To Playlist? Solved!

If you are a user of the Amazon Music streaming service, then you may have experienced the problem that some songs cannot be added to your playlists. And it is simply impossible to understand the reason for such an error right away. Therefore, let’s look into this issue and outline a solution to the problem.

If you’re having an issue where songs on your device can’t be added to a playlist using the Amazon Music app, then read everything below.

Since around December 2021, the Amazon Music app has experienced an issue where you can’t add songs from your device to playlists. There are many people who panic, but rest assured that this is not the fault of your smartphone or other applications.

A recent update made it impossible to add songs from the device to playlists. On the other hand, songs that you can listen to on Amazon Music, purchased or downloaded, can be added to playlists.

For example, if you tap the menu icon (three dots) on the far right of Amazon Music songs, “Add to playlist” will be displayed. But when I click the menu icon (three dots) on a song on my device, the “Add to playlist” item doesn’t appear.

Also, usually you should be able to add songs from the playlist side. If you have already added songs on your device to a playlist, the playlist itself appears to have been removed.

This bug did not affect all features of the Amazon Music app. Both Amazon Music songs and songs received on the device in other ways affect whoever listens to them all together in the Amazon Music app. You can add songs from Amazon Music to playlists, but you cannot add songs from your device. Those using the playlist feature will be directly affected.

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How to solve a problem? The main answer is to wait for the app to update. Since this is a bug in the application, the user cannot do anything until the development side responds fundamentally. Update your app as soon as an update is available.

There is also a way to listen to songs on your device using apps other than the Amazon Music app. The Amazon Music app is a specialized app for using the Amazon Music service. Therefore, it can never be said that it is very functional as a music player.

Problems are inevitable when using almost any music streaming application. Recently, IT technologies have been developing at a tremendous speed, and applications are becoming more and more new. If the rate of new features is high, the development period will be short and the features will be complex, leading to more problems.

Therefore, the main answer will be the same – wait for an update to the music streaming application or try to install a different version of this application. According to statistics, the problem of not being able to add songs to playlists in Amazon Music exists only for those users who have accepted the latest update. Amazon Music is aware of this issue and is working to fix the bugs in the app.

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