Amazon Music - How Much Does It Cost?

Amazon Music is perhaps the least known streaming service among the leaders in the global streaming market, but this is not surprising. The service is relatively young, it is just beginning its triumphal march in the world of streaming music. However, it may turn out to be the best and most profitable choice for many, especially since the first three months are now free for every new premium subscriber.

Amazon Music isn’t the first service we think of when we talk about streaming. We’ll first think of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and YouTube, but that could change in the near future. Amazon’s Prime Video wasn’t compelling at first either, but today the situation is a bit different.

 Amazon Music - How Much Does It Cost

The starting point for interest in Amazon Music is the price. The first three months we pay nothing, and then only 3.99 euros per month for a package in which we have Ultra HD quality.

a) we pay less than 4 euros per month per user;

b) Amazon Music has better quality music than others, but it doesn’t require us to pay more for it.

Apple Music has set the files to lossless quality but does not support high resolution. Tidal, on the other hand, expects higher fees for Master quality. Amazon is a giant that can afford such a price war, and we all know it. The family package costs only 5.99 euros and the service can be used by up to six people, each of whom receives a completely autonomous account when they subscribe.

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Okay, but apart from being good value for money, does Amazon Music stand up for itself in other areas? It is not possible to give a completely objective assessment of the music service. Our preferences and musical taste are at stake, as evidenced by the contents of the catalogue. Even compiling a list of the 10 most popular albums of each genre and marking their presence in the service will not bring much benefit, because we do not listen to music only from the top list and are more important than the bands and artists with whom we are close to us.

The streaming music service has apps for the most popular platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS) and a web player, and their interface doesn’t differ much from the competition. However, it is impossible not to notice that the service is inferior in many ways – the variety and number of playlists (the power of the community is not enough, like on Spotify), lists of recommended albums and artists, as well as ways to view and organize the collection.

However, there was no shortage of basic options, so we can conveniently save works to the library, create playlists and download content to the device’s memory. It is really difficult to come up with something different in terms of organizing the interface, but as convenient as what we have at our disposal.

Amazon Music doesn’t have technology comparable to Spotify Connect, so we won’t be able to control playback on other devices as conveniently, but AirPlay and Echo speaker connectivity are good too. In terms of voice control, we’ll only be using Alexa on Echo speakers since Google Assistant and Siri don’t support Amazon Music.

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