Google Music vs Amazon Music Best Streaming Comparison in 2024

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Google Play Music and Amazon Music both are leading streaming service providers delivering high resolution music and a broad scope of music contents to browse. Both of them deliver a wide range of music to choose from. In addition, they support a wide range of platforms, including Windows Phones.

However, this particular article will discuss about Amazon music vs Google music in terms of various attributes such as cost, performance, music quality, speed, diversity of catalogue etc.

Google Play Music vs Amazon Music Unlimited. So what music streaming service to choose in 2024?

amazon music vs googleplay music

As both of those software deliver almost the same level of performances, it can be difficult to discuss about Google Music vs Amazon Music. Let us look at first at the Amazon Music. In terms of cost, Amazon Music is not ahead of Google Play Music. Google Play Music provides the premium service at the price of $14.99. On the other hand, Amazon Music delivers exciting results only in combination of Prime and Unlimited packages.

The combination of those packages comes up roughly at $15. However, both of them deliver quality music service. Still, none of them qualifies to provide true lossless music. In conditions of music quality, Amazon Music is ahead of Google Play Music.

Both of those music streaming services have few limitations as well. Amazon music cannot be used at all free. Moreover, to access all the contents of the Amazon Music, the users need to purchase the Unlimited version in addition to being a prime user. In terms of pricing, Google Play Music may be a little ahead of Amazon.

While using the Google Play Music, users can experience high quality music for free, which is not possible with Amazon Music. Still, Amazon Music is technically much better than Google Music in terms of compatibility as well as music quality. Google Play music does not support the Windows Phone perfectly, but Amazon Music supports every available platform.

If you are awaiting for a low-budget music service, which can also provide significantly wide range of music for free, you may go for the Google Play Music. Withal, if quality means something to you, you should call for a closer look at the paid versions of both of those music streaming service provider.

Google Play Music comes at a price of $10, it allows offline downloads and is available on web, Android and iOS. Amazing Music on the other hand has two pricing plans, it costs $7.99 per month for Prime users and $10 per month for non-prime users.

Amazon Music is available on a number of different platforms including FireTV, Sonos, iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.

If we discuss about Amazon music vs Google music regarding their cost, there will be very little differences. Both of these come at a price of EUR 15 / 15 USD and deliver almost the same level of music quality.

However, if you want to transfer you music form Google Music to Amazon Music, you should consider using the high performance and ultra tech service like MusConv, a tool that offering cross platform playlist migration.

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Google Screen

The Pros

Let us begin with Google Play Music, one of the main advantages of using Google Play Music is that it does not have any advertisements. Audio advertisements are a huge problem that many users have to face but it is certainly not a problem with Google Play Music.

With Google Play Music you can also manage or upload your library through any internet browser. Google Play Music can also be used a normal music player in addition to a streaming service.

Moving on to Amazon Music, the service provides a discount for Amazon Prime users. With Amazon Music it also easy to transfer your purchased tracks across many different devices, there are no limitations. The recommendations function on Amazon Music is also great as it gathers accurate information to give better results.

The Cons

With Google Play Music, the biggest downside is the music quality that it provides. The music quality ca go only as high 320kbps which does not sound as crisp as it should. Another drawback is that the status bar is not customizable which limits usability.

Amazon Music does not have these problems, the only known problem with Amazon Music is with its desktop app which is not as good. It is slow and clunky, that is why the web client is preferred by the users.


Both Amazon Music and Google Play Music are great services and hopefully with the information above you can make an informed decision on switching from Google Play Music to Amazon Music.

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Amazon Music Vs Google Music summary table

Amazon Music

Amazon Music strong sides:

  • Free option.
  • Discounts with Alexa devices.
  • Works best with Alexa devices.

Weak sides:

  • Only four countries.
  • Lacking playlists.
  • Bad desktop app.

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Google Play Music

Google Music strong sides:

  • Free YouTube Red.
  • Free option.
  • Cast music to devices.


  • No smart playlists.
  • No rating system for own music.
  • Web player requires flash.

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So which service is for you?

Google Music is a good if you are an Android user, spending lot of time on YouTube, and you know music you are looking for.

On other hand Amazon Music just for $4 gives great value if you only want music on Echo devices and don’t need app.

If you want to migrate between two services, MusConv will be helpful for you!

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Migrate from Amazon to Google Play Music

Comparison of Amazon Music vs Google Play Music on wikipedia.

Amazon Music VS Google Music

While comparing the Google Play Music and Amazon Music, it could always get tough to choose the right one yourself. However, we have come up with a better plan for you and are going to show the basic differences between Google Play Music and Amazon Music. So, had you been in for more information regarding Amazon Music VS Google Music, we guess, you are at the right place to be.

While comparing the Google Music and Amazon Music, even a child would choose Google Play music because of its ease of use and free to use option. Furthermore, when it comes to pricing, Google Music always comes first, as it offers an excellent free package, while Amazon Music does not offer any kind of free music streaming option.

Nonetheless, according to a survey among the music streaming service users, Google Music has come up in 2nd place, while Amazon Music found itself in 17th.

Google play music vs Amazon music

Amazon Music VS Google Music

Google Music offers free subscription and Amazon Music does not provide any kind of free subscription. The paid plan audio quality of Google Music also outsmarts the Amazon Music, as it is offering 320 kbps AAC music in free subscription. Amazon Music offers 256 kbps AAC music in its paid plan. Both of those music streaming providers have toolkit available for web, iOS, Android and Windows. However, Google Music is available in Google TV and Google Home mini speakers. On the other end, the Amazon Music is available in Fire Tv, Sonos, Alexa and Echo.

When it comes to advertisement, people keep believing in Google Music and Google has also repaid the belief with utter respect, as Google Music free subscription is ad free as well.

Collection of music:
Even the free subscription option of Google Music offers a larger collection than Amazon Prime offers. In accession, to access the complete catalogue of Amazon Music, you have to go for the Amazon Music Ultimate.

Artificial intelligence and App service:
In terms of automatic music and playlist selection or artificial intelligence, both of these service providers should be considered as pretty cool. However, Spotify still remains the best among all in terms of AI driven playlist generation. In terms of App service, both of these music streaming providers are providing a decent level of service.


Even if you had the simplest glitch regarding choosing the best service provider among Amazon and Google, you should never bother to choose Google Play. Its services are handsome and the free service is awesome along with up to 50,000 songs uploading capacity, which is completely absent in Amazon Music.

In any case, had you been in need of shifting your music streaming provider, choose MusConv, to transfer all of your music and playlist across a wide range of music streaming provider including Amazon Music and Google Music. It is the best third-party tool you have in your hand to migrate music and playlists.

By the way, you can also transfer apple music to spotify.