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Andra Day will perform the famous Holiday song

«United States vs Billie Holiday» – this film needs to be watched by everyone confident that music can provoke social change. The vivid performance in it of the famous singer Andra Day is just a cry for help. Today, the singer is 36 years old, and fans of her work are familiar with her from her songs. But Day decided to try herself as an actress. And this, judging by the responses, she succeeded.

At one time, the American government made Holiday a target for persecution. She wrote a song called «Strange Fruits», which became the anthem of protest against racial discrimination in the southern states of the United States. In this revolutionary song there is a categorical protest. It still sounds very powerful today, using vivid and sometimes tragic images to convey the barbaric realities of the racist lynching of the black population in the southern United States.

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Day claims that it was this composition that became the most difficult to perform when creating a feature film. It was difficult both from a moral and a technical point of view.

Day does not exaggerate the danger that Holiday faced in those years. The American authorities were greatly frightened that the song could stimulate a growing civil rights movement. That is why Holiday then tried to make the enemy of society number one.

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