Andreas Kassel Got Into American Radio Charts

German music producer Dr. Andreas Kassel has made his way into the American radio charts with the hit single “Jacaranda”. The track “She Will Be Mine” by the Jacaranda group, a fusion of modern pop with country elements and acoustic instruments, secured the top spot on the American Top40 Indie Music chart shortly after its release in September 2022. Another hit by the group, the Christmas song “Christmas Here I Come”, climbed to the second spot immediately after its release and remained in the first place for three consecutive weeks in the American charts of the holiday season.

Dr. Andreas Kassel, who forms the creative core of the musical production company Doctor’s Magic Entertainment alongside Gregg Montante, expressed his surprise at the unexpected success of “Jacaranda”. The company was founded in the heart of Hollywood, California, in the 1990s. The unique sound of Jacaranda, with its memorable acoustic instrument elements played by real musicians, has found a special place in the hearts of students and music enthusiasts alike, who had been waiting for a shift from electronic computer music.

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According to Kassel, the success of Jacaranda was the result of a combination of hard work and luck in finding a great team. After listening to hundreds of artists around the world, they finally found the perfect singers, Elenen Thompson and Tim Hughitt, who added an individualistic touch to the sound of Jacaranda.

What’s more, all members of Jacaranda are animal lovers and have pledged to donate all revenue from their single “Your Paw Print in My Heart” to various animal protection organizations. With the rapid success and consistent productivity of the Jacaranda team, there is much anticipation for more hits and even greater successes in the future.

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