Angus Young of AC/DCs claims that Bon Scott considered Brian Johnson the future frontman of the group

Bon Scott was the frontman of the megapopular rock band almost from its founding (after the death of the band’s founder Dave Evans in 1974) until death in 1980 at the age of 33, which was caused by acute alcohol poisoning. At the head of AC/DC, Scott proved himself, according to some estimates, as the most charismatic vocalist of all that Australia has ever seen. His courageous and at the same time charming image attracted the attention of viewers, both female and male. Scott, however, was also known for addiction to alcohol, which subsequently led to tragedy.

Johnson became the next vocalist of the group after a successful audition. «Bohn was in a band that toured Britain, and they performed as an opening act for the band that Brian was in, and it was a band called Geordie,» Young said.

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One day, Bon Scott heard Brian Johnson scream during the performance. He realized that this wolf howl, mixed with a human scream, was exactly what his group needed. Bon Scott thought it was very great, it was the best performance, the best singer he had seen in a long time concert activity.

In fact, according to Brian, it was at that moment that he had an acute attack of apptraditiitis, which made him scream a lot. And Scott took this cry for talent, which, to be fair, brought its owner worldwide fame.

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