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Anniversary of the best album of Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is undoubtedly one of the most famous and successful rocks of the generation. Even after the collapse of most glem-gruppp, they continued to release hits. And although Bon Jovi is much more than 50 today, his age does not matter, and his music will never become obsolete.

At the beginning of spring of 1986 there was «Slippery When Wet» which became, probably, the most known and most successful album of group.

There are hit songs and there are songs defining career. Livin ‘on a Prayer is a top of career of Bon Jovi, the song which became a cultural phenomenon of the era. Tommie and Geena’s history working for the sake of their love hard will never become outdated, as well as Jon Bon Jovi.

Then we pass to «Wanted Dead or Alive» which also contains in an album «Slippery When Wet». Though this song isn’t among hits number one Bon Jovi, the improbable number of times when it was played on radio stations of classical fate, speaks for itself.

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Cowboy images of John, analogy between the criminal and the wandering rock musician, together with an acoustic riff of Richie Sambora do it by an excellent track.

Today interest in creativity of this famous group which in many respects defined a further way of development of the rock direction in music doesn’t cool down. And though to obvious admirers of Bon Jovi who in youth listened with delight to their hits it is already far for 50, they still with pleasure listen to this music of the youth.

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