Apple Music for Artists

It wouldn’t really be termed as technology advancement if no actual developments were evident. You now have the ability to connect with your fans, see and understand the impact your music has worldwide through Apple Music for artists. This is a dashboard that is designed to effortlessly work for you and offer you everything you need as an artist, therefore technically helping you manage your music career. You can easily view your music’s performance and analyze it by discovering which of your songs are being shazamed the most, how many people are listening to your music on an average daily basis and actually see where your listeners are located!

Knowing where your fans are located and where your music is gaining popularity can be a major guide when it comes to planning a tour to promote your music and still entertaining your fans. However, transferring your songs to Apple music for artists platform can be challenging. That is why you need an app that you can use to effectively transfer your music. MusConv is an application available for both apple and windows which helps you transfer your music, playlists and albums effectively to all music platforms

It provides easy and affordable means to transfer your music and offers playlist management where you can split, clone or merge your music. Downloading MusConv to your pc or smartphone will give you daily access updated music charts on your music platform, export and import your files. The application supports CVS, TXT, XML, among others for export and M3U, WPL, XML, CVS, web URL, XSPF, among others for imports. Rest assured that your music will be transferred with ease from MusConv at the comfort of your home as it supports 20+ playlists formats

MusConv helps you transfer unlimited tracks and playlists in the basic package, supports 50+ music services, offers 30-day money back guarantee and you can cancel subscription at any time. Professional package offers basic features plus gives you the freedom to transfer multiple tracks at once and you can also delete duplicate songs. MusConv next package is the Ultimate package which offers professional features plus gives you full Apple Music and a VIP customer support! The final package is the lifetime package which offers ultimate features plus you get to make a onetime payment! It is completely secure to make payment as it has been certified by Norton Security and secured by PCIDSS and McAfee.

It is important to note that your privacy is important to Apple music for Artist and MusConv therefore all your personal information is only visible to you. With this platform and application, you will no longer need to work on your music’s analytics or have a hard time deciding where to go for your music promotion. The platform’s dashboard gives you easy access to visuals of purchases, song plays and spins. You have the option of viewing your stats as either graphs and the performance of an individual song. This will be a significant lead on the choice of your next song.

Like most platforms, Apple Music for artists gives you the pleasure of customizing your page. You can customize your set list and profile picture by uploading, moving and adjusting to scale your preferred image to give you your desired outcome. If you are new to Apple Music for Artists, MusConv will make everything so much easier because you will just have to transfer your selected music and be done in no time. With currently over 1.7 million tracks moved, 2.9k shares across different social media platforms, and 129,786 downloads, you can rest assured MusConv will certainly help you go to the next level. MusConv also ensures you are equipped with new updates with the latest features.

Using MusConv for transfer is as easy as selecting the source of your music service, selecting destination of the music service, in this case, Apple Music, export playlists by first selecting the music service source, then log in your Apple Music Account, you will then select the playlist you wish to download in a CSV format and click transfer. You can rename the CSV file if you want after choosing the directory where you want the CSV file o be saved. Finally, the playlist will be downloaded in your Apple Music for Artis account where you can start tracking your song’s individual performance. As stated earlier, MusConv supports 20+ playlist formats therefore you can transfer txt, xml, zpl, asx, bio, json, mpcl, aimpplc, among others other than CSV.

Having MusConv as one of the finest tool for music conversion from one music service to another and Apple Music for artists which offers everything you need to understand the impact of your music and it’s performance, be ready to grow your career and make a positive impact on your fans across the globe.