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Apple Music Library Missing

Despite quite a lot of competition in the world of streaming services, Apple Music is still very popular. Moreover, there are enough reasons for this: the best karaoke mode, excellent synchronization between apple devices, including the Apple Watch, a cheap student subscription, and so on. However, it was not without problems here. Users keep complaining about various problems, such as the complete loss of the library, the disappearance of songs, or the message “It looks like you are listening on another device.” Today I propose to talk about the most popular Apple Music problems and consider ways to solve them.

If Apple Music has stopped working, the first thing to do is to check if your subscription has expired. Considering that Apple deducts money from the card automatically every month, it is quite possible that this is the reason.

Apple Music library disappeared – what to do? Most often, those who listen to music from several devices at once face the loss of songs in Apple Music. If you listen to music not only from the iPhone, but also from other apple gadgets, you should first check Library Sync in Settings. Please note that you will need internet to sync. Plus, you need to enable this setting not only on the iPhone, but also on other gadgets.

You can enable library sync on iPhone as follows:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Then go to the Music section.

3. Turn on the toggle switch opposite Synchronization of the library.

Plus, remember if you changed the region or the date and time in Settings. It is likely that the service does not work correctly for these reasons. We also recommend that you regularly pay for a subscription.

A lot of songs disappear from Apple Music on a regular basis, and this is absolutely normal. Here are the most popular reasons why songs from Apple Music may become inactive:

• Musicians have changed or removed a song from the Apple Music catalog.

• The album has not yet been released, and the musician or his management provided only a few tracks.

• The song may not be available in your country or region.

The mode of restriction of songs with profanity is included.

Nothing can be done with the first three problems. Unless you can try to find the song on other sites. But there is something that can be done about the last problem.

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Most often, songs in Apple Music are not downloaded due to the lack of Internet on the smartphone. If after checking the speed, the problem persists, first make sure that there is enough free space on the iPhone.

For this:

• Go to Settings.

• Go to General, then to iPhone Storage.

• Estimate the free space on your phone.

• If you have little or no free space, try disabling storage optimization.

This feature was created in order to download those tracks that you have not listened to for a long time. It is very convenient when there are more than a thousand songs in the library, but sometimes users encounter various problems due to this setting.

In the most extreme case, if none of the above helped, reset all application settings. If this does not help, then simply delete the application and download it again in the store. Don’t forget your username and password as they will be required when you log into the streaming app again.

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