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Apple Music Login without a credit card

In case if you have been exploring the options of an Apple Music free trial without a credit card, know that there is no such thing and you have to use an internationally accepted credit or debit card for Apple Music login.

Apple Music login without a credit card

If you have been planning to avert credit card details for Apple Music subscriptions, you would have found hundreds of posts online on how you could manage an Apple music login subscription without a credit card. Believe us! Every word of those posts has either been used to promote any virtual debit card provider or to add malicious bugs on your computer.

There is simply no way you could manage an Apple Music login without a credit card. Even for a free subscription of three-month with particular iPhone or iPad devices, you would require to enter your credit card details so that Apple Music could charge you at the end of the trial period.

Let us check how you could manage Apple Music login using any of Apple’s subscription packages.

Apple Music login options and alternatives

Joining Apple Music requires an internationally accepted debit or credit card, or in simple terms, you have to have a card with dual currency as well as valid CVV numbers and card validity for Apple Music login. If you had been thinking that obtaining a credit or debit card could be tough, it was not true at all.

Given your economical condition and earning, you could easily obtain a credit card, while debit cards could be issued based on your current account balance.

Apart from that, it is also possibly to use iTunes Gift cards for joining Apple Music. If your country accepts payment from PayPal, you could use it as a payment mode as well for Apple Music login.

Transferring music and playlist from Apple Music and vice versa

If you have been seeking out the ways to transfer music and playlist from Apple Music and vice versa, since you seem to be on the lookout for an Apple Music login option, MusConv could be an excellent toolkit for your use.

It has the ability to convert music across a wide-ranging music streaming services including all of the music streaming industry giants, such as Google, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, SoundCloud etc.

Besides, transferring music using MusConv has been super-easy, and it does not require any kind of technical knowledge at all. All you need to do is to follow four simple steps.

  • Choose the source
  • Choose the playlist
  • Choose the destination
  • Hit the transfer button
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