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Apple Music Or Deezer - Which Is Better?

Choosing from a huge offer of music streaming services has always been considered a daunting task. It is especially difficult for newcomers to the world of music streaming to decide on something.

Apple entered the music streaming market a bit late with the launch of Apple Music in 2015. Prior to this, Apple Music users had to purchase individual tracks or full albums through iTunes, which was far from practical. Even late entering the music streaming business, the platform has grown significantly in those seven years, reaching over 82 million users and offering over 70 million songs (a number of tracks that matches most streaming services).

The app is visually beautiful but a bit difficult to use. Users of other Apple resources may find it easier to get used to the mechanisms, but those who have migrated from Android may experience some initial difficulties.

Apple Music Or Deezer

Another negative usability point is that the location of the song and artist search tool to listen to, the main item in this genre’s streaming service, is the last icon on the bottom bar, the first is “Listen Now” which brings pre-made playlists and artist directions. , which can lead to confusion.

Even being the latter, the song or artist search feature is very precise and organized, with tabs to help you find the result.

The experience of listening to music in the application becomes quite interesting for two reasons. The first is the ability to follow the lyrics of a song and jump back to a specific part by touching the lyrics. Currently, this tool has been updated and allows you to share a snippet of a song on social networks.

Another important point when listening to Apple Music is the sound quality. The app plays music in very high quality and you don’t need to have super hearing to recognize it.

Music streaming service Deezer was one of the first to hit the market in 2007. Over the 15 years of its existence, the application has grown, but not as much as others launched much later, reaching the current range. Today it has about 20 million active users worldwide.

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Aesthetically, the Deezer is average. Its usability is based on the menu, which has most of the features, such as adding a song to a playlist or playlist.

The search engine does not focus on songs. If you’re searching for an artist’s name, the first results might be songs or albums, not the artist’s page, which isn’t interesting. However, it is separated by tabs, which can help get around this problem.

The offer of music and podcasts is good, you can find the most popular artists, even regional and more independent, as well as large podcasts and podcasts with fewer listeners. Streaming offers high quality songs and has a system to follow the lyrics of the songs, allowing you to move forward or backward in the song when a particular stanza is played.

 Another interesting tool offered by the platform is Music Catcher, a system that recognizes songs played in the environment.

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