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Apple music playlist

Nowadays, every third person on the Earth uses Apple technologies. And this is obvious because Apple is known for its convenience in use, functionality and it offers us many useful possibilities. Today we can say that the iPhone is the most popular device brand that is known to mankind.

Apple Music playlist

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Music lovers are especially happy about this, as Apple Inc. offers us an interesting music service that provides high-quality music content and it is super easy to use. We are talking about the application Apple Music, which you can use not only on iPhone but also on other operating systems. It offers a multifunctional Apple Music playlist, which is the top feature of the service. You can find it open the “Library” category or you can create a new one.

In order to do this on your phone you need to do the following steps:

  • open the app;
  • choose the “Library” tab;
  • select “Playlists” and go to the “New Playlist”;
  • name the playlist and add the favorite tracks;
  • confirm the chosen operation.

On your iPad: open the app, go to the “New Playlist” category and repeat the last two steps above. If you use the Mac or PC, you need to select the “File” tab in the menu, then choose “New” and open the “Playlist” category. Name your playlist and add the needed tracks.

After you created an Apple Music playlist, it is possible to share it on the other device or desktop easily. All you need is to:

  • open the app;
  • go to the “Library” section and select the category “Playlists”;
  • choose the playlist you want to share and open it;
  • find the three-dots menu and tap the “Share Playlist” option;
  • share the playlist on other devices, send it by email or any app available in the list;
  • you can also copy a link to the playlist you want to share and paste it anywhere you need. Just click the “Copy” option, which you will see in the menu. If you want to share the playlist with others, make sure that they subscribe to Apple Music.

Furthermore, you can create collaborative playlists, if you have similar music preferences with some group of people, or you can also provide public access.

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If you decide to transfer your music from another platform to Apple Music, then we recommend you to use the MusConv service. It will transfer not only songs but also albums, playlists, and other music content from more than 125 music services. Happy playlisting!