Apple Music Replay 2023 release date

Most users who are familiar with Spotify’s streaming platform know about their interesting feature Wrapped. The point is that every year the service allows you to get some bonuses:

  • the top tracks you preferred to listen to during the last year;
  • preferable genres and performers;
  • songs that awake memories from the previous year;
  • audition statistics.
Apple Music Replay 2023 release date

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Apple offers its customers a similar feature called Replay. (By the way, it works even if you work with the desktop version of the platform). But, despite the similar principles, it’s quite different from Spotify’s offering.

Here are the basic nuances you get with the Replay feature:

  • detailed statistics of the time of day, duration, and location of listening to favorite songs;
  • possibility to pick a song (album or artist) and see how many times you’ve listened to it;
  • an analysis of your musical taste;
  • video clip about your favorite music of the year;
  • top tracks (artist, genres, albums).

If you ask aboutApple Music Replay 2023 release date, the answer will be a real surprise for you. Unlike Spotify, this feature doesn’t provide you with all these features once a year. It works in another way. To get statistics and information about your favorite songs you just have to use this streaming platform on a regular basis. Once you’ve listened to a sufficient volume of content, the application automatically activates the Replay feature. As soon as the counts are completed the application will send you a notification.

However, there are situations where you may not be able to use the Replay function. In this case, check whether your Playback History is working or not. You may check this option in the settings of your device.

If you do not know where to find the Replay feature, take these steps:

  • activate the application or its web version and sign in to your account;
  • visit the Listen Now menu;
  • scroll to the bottom of the page and there you will see your music collections.

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