Apple Music: Should You Subscribe?

The music streaming service, which was born by Apple Corporation, has become very popular in the world of music lovers. And this is not surprising, because it offers the highest quality music streaming services and other options.

I would like to note right away that Apple Music fits perfectly into the Apple gadget ecosystem. Apple Music has been around since June 30, 2015. The service, which has over 90 million subscribers, has undergone several design changes and is coming out with a new dark mode and real-time lyrics tracking.

There are over 70 million songs in the Apple Music catalog. Radio Beats1 brings together your favorite songs, personalized suggestions, people and artist recommendations, audiovisual content, and everything Beats loves. There are four main sections plus a search bar that allows you to search by song, artist, album, playlist, platform users, and even pieces of music.

The US music streaming service has over 70 million licensed tracks in its music library.

In playlists, you can have playlists created by you, friends, suggested by Apple Music, or automatically. Playlists are alphabetized, but they appear first in third-party playlists (friends or Apple Music), iTunes autoplays (recently added, top 25), and playlists you’ve created.

The interesting thing is that you can have songs in your playlists, but they are not necessarily in your song library, as Apple recommends that you have several different playlists, but this does not necessarily affect your main collection.

The more you listen to and interact with Apple Music, the more complete the music recommendations section becomes. It’s a regularly updated mix of your favorite songs, what your friends are listening to, discoveries related to you, and even other mood lists. Each also tells you when it was updated.

In the Recently Played section, you can find your most recently played playlists and albums. If your friends listened to what you heard, their face will appear next to the album or list cover. There are also personalized suggestions by genre, artist, just-updated related playlists, thematic lists by day and style, and more. Plus, there’s “Friend Recommendations” that mixes your Apple Music contacts and people who follow you .

Finally, there are “New Releases” worth checking out from time to time. Apple Music understands what you’re listening to, after all, it shows you the singers you’ve added as well as other artists you might like that have new material on the market.

In addition, your account displays your playlists, what you listen to, who follows you and who you follow. On this tab, you can click on people’s profiles and find out the same thing: what playlists they have, what they listen to and who they follow. If you are interested in the list of colleagues, you can add it, but a notification will appear on their screen that you have done so.

Under Settings and Music, you have several options if you subscribe to Apple Music. You can combine songs that you have purchased from iTunes or that you have simply downloaded to your computer, or you can simply leave “Music” active. Here you can see how much storage your music is taking up, if you want to optimize it, and if you want it to be transferred directly to your iPad after you add a song to your iPhone.

Apple Music is available in many places. For example, this is on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Android phone, HomePod, and even Amazon Echo.

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