Apple Music syncing your library stuck

Apple Music syncing stuck is a very common problem that has occurred to every other person. If you have also faced such a problem, read this article and solve the problem forever.

Apple Music syncing your library stuck

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Let’s first find out what reasons may cause that the Apple Music library doesn’t load.

There are several reasons for this problem. Here are 2 the most common ones:

  • Bad internet connection;
  • Huge music library.

Have you found here the problem that happened to you? We have good news! Fixing such problems can be pretty easy, and it might be worth your time to do it if Apple Music syncing your library is stuck.

If you are faced with the first issue, you should check the internet connection of your device. We think that you know that Apple Music can sync by using Wi-Fi or the internet on your device only.

However, do you know that Apple Music needs cellular data to be turned on to sync the library? That’s why you need not only check the internet connection. However, you should also confirm that cellular data is turned on. To do it, you should follow the next steps:

  • go to the “Settings”;
  • find the “Music” section;
  • check that “Cellular Data” is turned on.

If the second problem has occurred and you have realized that your library is huge, don’t panic and wait till the end of the songs loading.

We have reviewed only two common problems. Nonetheless, you may face others and we can only recommend you the universal solutions:

  • reload the app/device;
  • delete and reinstall the app.

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