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Apple Music VS Spotify In 2024

In the ever-evolving world of music streaming, the question of which is better between Apple Music and Spotify remains relevant. In 2024, Apple Music will upgrade its entire catalog to high-resolution audio quality, boasting an impressive 24-bit/192 kHz. On the other hand, Spotify continues to improve its streaming capabilities, offering songs in different speeds (96 kbps, 160 kbps and 320 kbps), with the highest quality available only to Premium subscribers.

What’s better: five key points

  1. Reduced sound quality: Apple Music has upped the ante by adding high-definition audio quality to its entire catalog, promising an immersive audio experience. Spotify Premium subscribers, on the other hand, enjoy the highest quality audio at 320 kbps in the OGG Vorbis format. The main thing in this matter is still the sound quality that two different platforms can offer.
  2. Listening Experience: In the informal test, Apple Music came out on top, consistently beating Spotify. The quality and selection of tracks, especially when paired with Apple devices, are said to be second to none. Listening experience is a subjective matter, but Apple Music seems to be getting the edge.
  3. Streaming Superiority: Spotify remains the undisputed number one in the world of streaming, maintaining a significant lead over rivals such as Apple, Amazon and YouTube Music in terms of paid subscribers. With nearly 200 million paying customers, Spotify’s dominance extends beyond music to audiobooks and podcasts, showcasing its diverse content offerings.
  4. Price wars: The pricing field is now more level, with Spotify Premium Individual matching Apple Music’s $11 per month subscription. However, Apple Music is enticing new subscribers with a one-month free trial. For families, Apple Music offers a competitive $17/month deal for up to six users. This fact is one of the main factors in choosing platforms, and users have to weigh the benefits with their budget.
  5. Annual Availability: For those looking to cut costs without sacrificing music, Apple Music offers an annual subscription plan costing $99 for individuals, compared to a monthly subscription cost of $10.99, which works out to $131.88 per year. Spotify users can explore Apple’s annual option for potential savings and an uninterrupted year of song listening.

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In the burning question of who is better between Apple Music and Spotify, 2024 will be another chapter of their rivalry. As Apple Music elevates its entire catalog to high-resolution audio quality and Spotify improves its streaming capabilities, users are faced with a tempting dilemma. From audio quality and listening experience to pricing and annual options, each platform has unique advantages.

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