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Apple Music is Apple’s official music distribution service with mandatory payment for use. You can find it in the «Music» app, which is included in the standard iPhone package, and you do not need to install a new special application. You can listen to 70 million songs for a small fee of only about $10 a month, and this is free for the first 3 months as part of the trial version of the application. You can enjoy a variety of content, such as the feature of daily recommendations, world radio, music video and lyrics, as well as paint your daily life with music.

In addition, if you download music to your device, you can watch it offline, as in your own library. Even in an environment without Wi-Fi, it does not consume mobile data traffic and can be played in flight mode.

By the way, Apple Music can be viewed on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, as well as on Mac, Windows and Android smartphones. In other words, you might think that it works on almost any device.

Start the Music app and click Start Now on the For You tab to start a three-month free trial subscription to Apple Music. If you don’t see this, go to Settings > Music and make sure the Show Apple Music option is enabled.

Select the best rate plan for you and click «Start Trial».

Apple Music website

During the free trial period, the biometric authentication approval screen will be displayed all the time, but be sure that no fees will be charged during the trial period.

Decide on your favorite genre and performer. There will be many albums that display genres and artists, so click once for those that you like, twice for those that you like, and click and hold down those that you are not interested in to customize your favorite songs.

Apple Music gives answers primarily to technical questions of the user. These can be problems with downloading the application, problems with paying it, when there is no way to pay, problems with forming playlists or downloading them.

The application website is designed for users, you can get not only high-quality music on it, but also make a paid subscription by choosing the appropriate tariff plan, as well as get answers to all the questions that the user may have when working with a streaming music service.

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Support can answer almost any questions you have about the music application. The user can be contacted through different communication channels, if possible. Also, communication will take place in the language indicated by him, if he is included in the list of world languages.

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