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Arctic Monkeys music to be streamed online

The musical play «The Band Plays On», the music for which was performed by the popular British band Arctic Monkeys, has recently become very popular. Now viewers from Sheffield and other regions of the United Kingdom will be able to watch it online.

Arctic Monkeys

The play was created by Chris Bush. It contains five large monologues that women tell. All of them are dedicated to people whose names are inextricably connected with the history of this city. The play uses the songs Arctic Monkey and Def Leppard.

Chris Bush said in an interview that the performance was planned to launch immediately after the New Year, but the pandemic situation forced him to postpone his presentation. And today you have to perform in a completely different format. This, according to the creative writer, annoys him very, very much.

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The storyline begins to develop from the moment one of the residents of Sheffield built a nuclear bomb shelter after watching the 1984 film «Threads», which tells how a nuclear bomb was dropped on the city. Further, the plot consists of many small passages, each of which tells about one of the famous residents of Sheffield and its history at a certain moment in the life of the city.

Bush said he is very proud of city and its unique energy, which is not like that of other British cities.

Live «Band Plays On» will be broadcast until March 28.

The manager of Arctic Monkeys reports that the group is currently continuing to work on new compositions in studio mode, since the situation with coronavirus remains very tense, in particular, in the United Kindom.

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