Are movies free on YouTube Premium?

The video content on the YouTube is different. The application itself is available in a free and paid version. The paid version is called YouTube Premium. It provides the subscriber with many advantages.

With a paid subscription to YouTube Premium, the subscriber has the opportunity to watch videos on YouTube and listen to music in the YouTube Music service without ads. In addition, subscribers get access to the YouTube movie library.

Users who are well acquainted with YouTube know that not every movie or series you love can watch on this platform for free. A significant part of the video content, of course, is freely available, but not all.

By the way, users have the opportunity to watch exclusive video content on the YouTube Originals platform, where you can get acquainted with films and videos that are not available in the free version of the application. It is here that you can find the most popular video content, the latest films and TV shows.

On the main page of the service, the user will be offered a selection of films that the system recommends for viewing based on his previous search queries.

Now most YouTube Originals series offer to watch several first episodes for free. In this case, the YouTube marks the episodes with the marks Ā«Free SeriesĀ», and offers to watch the rest after signing up for YouTube Premium. And the share of such content is growing every year.

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Therefore, we can safely say that receiving a paid subscription to YouTube makes it possible to watch the vast majority of films, TV shows, videos and so on for free. In the end, its cost is much lower than the amount that a subscriber could pay by buying favorite films and corresponding sites separately. Therefore, a YouTube Premium subscription will be especially beneficial for those who spend a lot of time on the screen watching their favorite films or series. access to series immediately after their premiere;

By the way, subscribers have the ability to download content from the collection, and then watch it without an Internet connection.

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