Are There Ads In Resso?

Chinese company ByteDance (owner of TikTok, the most important new social network at the moment) decided to compete with the world’s music streaming giants and launched the music streaming platform Resso. It is the new contender for the world’s leading audio platforms. As such, he joins Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, or Tidal, among others.

Resso is challenging itself to enter one of the most competitive streaming destinations in the global music streaming market. However, its creators managed to enter the social media rivalry with TikTok, which shows that they are capable of producing the highest quality products that can fight the giants of the industry.

The Resso app combines the traditional elements of this type of program with the novelty of the desire to create a social networking site at the same time. The ability to communicate with other users, share opinions with them, send videos or pictures to other members is something new in music streaming and therefore attracts new users and subscribers.

The service is currently available in India, Indonesia and Brazil. The service offers users two types of subscriptions – a free subscription that allows users to listen to music with interruption to listening to advertisements even if users have not logged into the service system, a subscription with a monthly payment that allows users to listen to music without ads.

The service also provides a VIP Free Trial (free trial) for 7 or 20 days (depending on the country), during which no ads will be played and all the features of a paid subscription will be available. Users can gain this access by inviting a friend who buys a subscription, or by typing a certain number of likes under the Vibe they have created.

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Users of the free version of the application will constantly encounter advertisements. By the way, there is a little more of it than many of the leading music streaming services. On the one hand, an increasingly popular music streaming service through advertising is significantly increasing its profit margins. On the other hand, this way users of the free version are streamed to purchase a paid subscription, which. By the way, it costs less than $2 per month, which is quite acceptable even by the standards of developing countries, where this may be the result of daily earnings.

So, there is advertising in Resso, it simply cannot but be in the free version of this streaming application, like its colleagues. You can get rid of intrusive ads with a paid subscription, which is quite affordable.

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