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At What Age Can I Register In Spotify?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has become the undisputed leader of the global music industry. It has over 450 million users today. Among this huge number of streaming music lovers, almost 200 million signed up for one of Spotify’s premium subscription plans.

But sometimes new users complain that they are unable to create a new account on this platform. Recall that when using the paid or free version of this streaming service, you still have to create a new account.

There are potentially many reasons why Spotify may not allow a new account to be registered. One of the most common reasons why a Swedish music streaming service refuses to register a new user is that they do not meet the age limits set for users by this streaming platform.

On the Web, the question is often raised, from what age can one register in Spotify. These are the requirements that every beginner needs to know. If Spotify is not registering, age restrictions may be the reason. Officially, an account can be created by users aged 18 years and over.

But there is a clarification. It is allowed to create an account by a child over the age of 14 with the consent of parents and guardians. The issue of approval is resolved through interconnected profiles.

If, when entering a date of birth, the system determines that the user is under 14 years old, it is not surprising why it is impossible to register with Spotify in any country in the world in which the service operates legally. The service does not allow such participants.

You can, of course, simply deceive the service during registration and specify a different age. For example, say that you are already 18 or even 20 years old. As a rule, most young novice users follow this path. After all, hardly anyone will punish them for it. But this is only relevant if you intend to become a user of the free version of the Swedish music streaming service.

If you intend to purchase a paid subscription, then in this case everything is much more complicated. After all, you will need to enter bank card data or other payment details.

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Sometimes the reason why Spotify does not register is simple – incorrectly entered e-mail. In this case, you will be able to register, but you will not be able to restore access to your account. As a result, all data will be lost and you will have to create a new account. If everything is done correctly, users will be able to sign up for Spotify forever without a VPN or additional requirements. At the same time, the service can be used absolutely free of charge, and the Premium version is available to expand the possibilities.

If Spotify won’t register, other steps to create an account may save you. Do the following:

  • Check for Internet access. There are situations when problems with registration arise due to lack of connection to the Network.
  • Restart the program, and if there is no result, reinstall it.
  • Try enabling VPN.

Following the instructions in the article, you are unlikely to encounter difficulties when creating an account. In the case when the Spotify profile is not registered, please carefully follow all the steps, make sure you have Internet access and check that you entered the e-mail correctly.

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