Barbados Street Named After Rihanna

The popularity of a native of Barbados, Rihanna, does not leave her compatriots indifferent. They even decided to rename one of the streets in honor of their mega-popular compatriot, who glorifies the Caribbean island around the world. In particular, a street called Rihanna Drive appeared.

Internationally renowned singer-songwriter Rihanna has made a name for herself both in the world of music and in business with her two brands of cosmetics, Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty lingerie. Here is a partial list of fun facts about it. There are many more interesting and curious facts about the mega-popular show business star.

Most notably, Rihanna plays herself in a film about cheerleaders released in the 2000s, appears as a referee during the tournament finals and announces the name of the winning team. The latter appeared in one of his clips.

In 2003, after an audition with producer Evan Rogers, Rihanna released a demo. A little later in 2004, she was sent to New York, where she met Jay-Z, at that time the president of the Dej Jam label. According to reports, the rapper wanted to sign Rihanna so badly that contract negotiations lasted until 3am. At 16, Rihanna signed a contract.

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Rihanna is undoubtedly a woman of extraordinary beauty, and in 2004, while still in high school, she won the school beauty pageant. She crowned Miss Combermere due in part to her performance in a talent contest. The girl interpreted the title “Hero” Mariah Carey. In her own words, she joined the contest because of a promise, she admitted to the Daily Mail in 2007.

Surprisingly, long before becoming an international star, Rihanna was a cadet in the army while still in Barbados. In an interview with the Daily Mail, she reveals how her training helped her become a beauty queen. It was the singer Shontelle who was her drill sergeant, she also had a hard time with Rihanna.

Among Rihanna’s many talents, some have allowed her to break world records. The first of these is the record for “number of consecutive years as a UK number one single”, the prestigious title of “Female artist with the most number one singles in the United States in one year” and the record for the holder of the “Most digital number one singles in the United States”.

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