Beatport Link – DJ Streaming Service

Music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music have changed the way we consume music on a daily basis. This online sales channel will now also be available for DJs, with a customized product of course. While Spotify and company are covering the mainstream music offerings, platforms like Beatport want to compete with Link’s product as the digital equivalent of a classic record store. How does it all work and how can it be integrated into the daily life of a DJ?

Beatport began in 2004 as a digital download store and initially only offered club techno tracks that could be downloaded as MP3, MP4 and WAV files for a fee.

The repertoire has continued to expand over the years and today includes genres such as dubstep, grime, afro house, jackin house, nu disco and psy trance. Link’s enhanced streaming offshoot can be ordered as a subscription service and includes access to the entire offering. Subscription models and prices have changed several times since the launch of the service. There are currently (2022) the following four offerings, of which only two Link subscriptions are suitable for actual DJ use:

  1. Cloud for $4.99
  2. Beatport for $9.99
  3. Link for $14.99
  4. Link Pro for $29,99

Subscriptions can be canceled monthly and downgrades are also possible. Link subscription includes the following services:

  • Using the mobile app (used primarily to browse the Beatport catalog)
  • DJ web app (web-based DJ app for testing mixes)
  • Using hardware and software compatible with Link
  • Unlimited playlists
  • Unlimited downloads of purchased tracks
  • AAC 128 kbps streaming

Link-Pro also offers 256kbps AAC streaming and offline storage (Locker) for 1,000 songs.

Try it free

To be able to use Beatport Link, you create a Beatport user account, choose the subscription you want, and you can test it for 30 days for free. However, without entering a valid payment method, you won’t get very far. As soon as you log in to your browser with your account, you can search for suitable tracks in the offer.

From beginners without extensive knowledge of the genre to advanced DJs, there are numerous curated playlists and artist charts to inspire. For example, if you’re a fan of hard, fast-paced techno beats, you can go to those artists and browse their charts. Here individual titles or a complete list can be transferred to your own library with a single click.

The playlists you create can be compiled, edited or deleted in the library as you wish. Songs can be listened to in full and quickly listened to so you can quickly decide if a track is right for your own collection. With over 11 million tracks and 34 genres on offer, you can spend hours on tour to fill your own music library.

Try it free