Beatport Link - Worth It?

Streaming service DJ Beatport Link offers a wide selection of club music that has convinced in terms of content. Even if the topic of streaming is not entirely new and there are many proposals, it always makes people shake their heads in disbelief, because it just turns everything upside down. If you used to go to a music store on a budget and couldn’t always fulfill all your wishes, today you just click “Add to playlist” on Beatport Link and know that the only fee is the subscription fee.

To test the sound, users listened to MP3 (320kbps) tracks purchased from Beatport with AAC streaming versions at 256 kbps in a head-to-head comparison. And they did not notice any major differences. Therefore, it can be used in a DJ set without hesitation. Note that Beatport Link tracks cannot be recorded if recording is to be done directly with the DJ software being used.

Of course, all of this is certainly both a blessing and a curse as you’re probably less selective, but it’s also possible to take journeys away from the traditional genre and thus put your own DJ profile on a broader footing. . In favor of this decision is the fact that the content can be very easily used on different systems, only users of Pioneer DJ equipment will be a little unhappy here, unless they switch to Rekordbox.

Of course, the proposed repertoire does not cover all DJ styles, and open format DJs (solo artists, wedding DJs), especially hip-hop or black music DJs, are unlikely to like it here.

At the moment, you can use a free trial subscription, which can be used for an unlimited period of 30 days.


  • Large selection of club music
  • Inspiration through curated playlists
  • Flexible use in various DJ programs and equipment
  • Reliable sound quality (Link Pro)
  • Extensive offline storage (Link Pro)


  • Not suitable for all styles of DJs
  • The recording function is not possible in the DJ software.


  1. $4.99 (Cloud)
  2. $9.99 (Beatport)
  3. $4.99 (Beatport Link),
  4. $29.99 (Beatport Link Pro)

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Especially for club use, offline track storage, now also called the locker feature, is an important consideration for many. Not all DJs need streaming songs, which sometimes get stuck – for obvious reasons. Offline playback is possible with Rekordbox DJ integration. The extent to which this happens now depends on the subscription you have subscribed to.

Beatport DJ software does not claim to compete with the biggest vendors like Serato or Traktor. Instead, it aims to be a great addition that enhances Beatport content integration.

However, the app also has a lot to offer on its own: scalable waveforms, key lock, effects, key points, and more. Also worth mentioning is the auto-mixing feature, which seems very convincing to YouTube testers.

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