Beatport Or Streaming Services: Which Is Better?

The online music store Beatport has long been one of the most popular sources of music and songs for DJs. Here, DJs can buy and legally use licensed music content in their work in the future. It becomes an effective tool in their activities.

Each music streaming service has its own advantages and disadvantages for DJing.

Designed for DJs, SoundCloud GO+ allows users to stream tracks at 320kbps and download unlimited tracks for offline storage.

However, it is worth remembering that SoundCloud is mainly replenished by its users. While many of the tracks on SoundCloud are likely to be professional quality, there is no guarantee that the material you upload will match the quality of your live stream.

As for Tidal or Deezer, these are primarily services for listening to music, with some significant drawbacks for professional DJs. First, the ability to download tracks for offline use is very limited. Secondly, they will not work without a reliable internet connection.

What’s more, both services have legal restrictions on commercial use of their libraries, which means restrictions on where you can play and whether you can record or stream your mixes.

Is a cloud streaming service a good option for DJing? In the end, the answer depends on what and where you want to do. For event or bar DJs who require style flexibility and a wide, regularly changing catalog of tracks, Beatport LINK and Beatsource LINK are perfect. In addition, you can play it safe and pre-load a decent set of songs, allowing you to perform even in the sudden absence of wi-fi. However, both services are quite expensive, and it will be cheaper for club DJs working in the same genre in the long run to simply buy music by track.

The SoundCloud catalog is focused mainly on electronic music. However, if you plan to use it, you will need to check the quality of the tracks in advance and whether they can be played in public from a legal point of view. Tidal or Deezer are hard to recommend for professional use, although they can be good options for home listening.

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Most of the major DJing apps have added live streaming in one form or another over the past few years, but some are better than others. Rekordbox, which has its own cloud library, as well as Serato and VirtualDJ, are by far the most advanced.

All major DJ programs have similar features, features and capabilities, however there are still some differences. For example, some programs display detailed waveforms so you can see the track visually. It helps a lot to understand what happens in the composition when there are fades or climactic drops. This understanding helps the DJ to diversify his set, using creative mixing, loops and effects, as well as remixing the track in real time in some cases.

Effect capabilities may vary between different DJ software, and this is also an important consideration when choosing a DJ software. If you plan to dive deep into this side of the DJ work, choose a program with the widest functionality in the field of effects.

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