Сomparison of Beatsource VS Beatport

If your work is somehow related to the music business or you have become a popular DJ for a long time, then you are probably familiar with the specialized music services Beatsource and Beatport.

Both of these services sell licensed music and songs for DJs. Of course, anyone can purchase music on these platforms. But the main target audience of music content consumers are DJs.

What is the difference between Beatsource and Beatport and which one is better?

This question is quite understandable, given that both platforms use the same business model and use the same technology. A similar set of instruments can also be called, with the help of which music is sold, to which, in fact, everything boils down.

The Beatport is the perfect system for DJs looking for the latest digital music. It is most suitable for those DJs who have been successfully working in the music industry for a long time. As a rule, the search queries of this category of buyers are focused on specific artists and specific musical content, the parameters of which are clearly defined.

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Beatport offers consumers well-articulated music recommendations and well-curated themed playlists. Therefore, in this case, the DJ will not have to rack his brains over the compilation of effective music selections for many hours in a row.

Beatsource is a great tool for open format DJs. The principle of the service is based on curated playlists that do not have a clear thematic orientation. On this platform, you will not find such a detailed and targeted catalog as in Beatport. However, a wider range of genres would be better for open-format DJs.

It is recommended that you first try to work with both online stores in order to understand what kind of music both services offer. And after that, you can make a fully conscious conclusion about which one is most suitable for you and satisfies your needs.

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MusConv displays Beatsource playlists for transfer to other music services